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Turkish American Political Action Committees

A Political Update for Turkish Americans
G. Lincoln McCurdy - Treasurer
Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee

There are currently two active Turkish American political action committees.

Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee

TC-USA PAC is based in Washington, DC, and will have made by the end of June 2008 over $100,000 in contributions in the 2007-2008 election cycle. Please go to to see list of contributions.

Turkish American Heritage Political Action Committee

The TurkishPAC is based in Houston, Texas, and works closely with TC-USA PAC.

Both PACS are bipartisan and provide an effective voice for the Turkish American community in the political arena. CONTINUED SUPPORT for these two Turkish American PACs is essential if Turkish American viewpoints are to be heard by our elected officials in this election year.


Please visit their websites to obtain instructions on how to contribute. You must be a US citizen or permanent resident (green card holder), and the maximum contribution for an individual per year is $5,000. Corporate contributions are prohibited. The greater number of contributors the stronger the message we send to our representatives, especially in Washington, DC, about the importance of good relations with Turkey.

Note: Administrative expenses are being kept to a minimum, and no salaries are being paid.

Political Fundraisers Supported and/or Organized by
Turkish Americans in the 2007-08 Election Cycle

By the end of June 2008, Turkish Americans and friends of Turkey would have raised over $750,000 for US congressional candidates/committees and state & local candidates/committees. This figure, which does not include contributions made to presidential candidates, is based on information given to TC-USA PAC on a voluntary basis. Therefore, the actual amount may be higher since TC-USA PAC may not be aware of all fundraising events and contributions given.

Please go to for details on fundraising events. If you wish to organize a fundraising event and need information, please contact G. Lincoln McCurdy at 202-255-1176.

PLEASE NOTE that holding a fundraising event for political candidates provides another opportunity for dialogue in a private setting on issues that are important to Turkish Americans.

RIFAT SIVISOGLU - The only Turkish American Running for Public Office in 2008

SUPPORT Rifat Sivisoglu--Turkish American candidate for DuPage County Board, District #1, in Illinois. Please go to his website:

Unlike federal regulations, there are no limitations on the amount of contributions that can be made to state and local candidates in the state of Illinois, and you don't have to be a resident of Illinois to contribute to Rifat. However, you must be a US citizen or a permanent resident of the United States (green card holder). Therefore, a Turkish American can make a contribution to Rifat greater than $2,300 which is the maximum for federal candidates. Furthermore, Illinois allows corporations to make direct contributions to state and local candidates provided that the corporation is incorporated in the US.

Showing support for Rifat in 2008 will lay the foundation for supporting Turkish Americans running for office in 2010, especially if there are Turkish American candidates for the US Congress.

Website Links for Turkish Americans to Make Contributions to the 2008 Presidential Candidates

Using the links below enables Turkish Americans to financially support the presidential candidate of their choice in a way that brings recognition to the Turkish American community-at-large and shows the political strength of Turkish Americans.

The websites reflect the total amount of money contributed by Turkish Americans as well as Americans of non-Turkish heritage who support US-Turkey relations to either Senator John McCain or Senator Barak Obama.