Empowering Turkish American Voices in U.S. Politics The role of the Turkish Coalition USA PAC in amplifying Turkish American voices in Congress is more crucial than ever. By actively opposing legislation that could negatively impact Turkey’s image and the historic U.S.-Turkey relationship, Turkish American groups have become pivotal players in shaping foreign policy dialogue.

Unprecedented Advocacy and Collective Impact Turkish Americans, from the bustling streets of Washington D.C. to communities across the nation, have made significant strides in influencing policy outcomes. Their relentless advocacy and strategic engagement with lawmakers have led to a string of legislative triumphs, underscoring the importance of sustained activism and awareness.
Your Impact: Beyond a Phone Call Your involvement has the power to create waves in the political landscape. When you reach out to your Congress member to support the Turkey Caucus, you’re not just making a call; you’re shaping perceptions and decisions in the highest corridors of power. Your voice counters the misconception that Turkish American concerns are unheard or insignificant in congressional districts.
Personal Engagement: Breaking Down Stereotypes Challenging stereotypes about Turks and Turkish Americans requires more than just advocacy; it requires personal connection. When you meet your Representatives as a constituent, you don’t just represent a voice; you embody the living, positive contributions of the Turkish American community.
The Turkey Caucus: A Symbol of Growing Influence Since its inception in 2001 by notable Congresspersons Robert Wexler, Ed Whitfield, and Kay Granger, the Turkey Caucus has been a testament to the growing influence of Turkish Americans in U.S. politics. The Caucus, reaching a historic high in membership, is a beacon of bipartisanship, promoting stronger U.S.-Turkey relations and advocating for issues crucial to Turkish Americans.