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TCUSAPAC stands as the definitive voice of Turkish Americans in the USA, fervently promoting the rich tapestry of Turkish American culture. Our mission is rooted in peace, education, and involvement in American politics, fostering a vibrant community spirit. We are committed to encouraging and supporting Turkish Americans to actively participate in the political landscape. Additionally, TCUSAPAC plays a pivotal role in enhancing and improving business relations between the USA and Türkiye, building bridges that span across oceans and cultures


Supporting TCUSAPAC (Turkish Coalition USA Political Action Committee) is crucial for Turkish Americans for several reasons:

Advocacy and Representation: TCUSAPAC provides Turkish Americans a powerful platform to voice their opinions and interests in the U.S. political arena, ensuring their needs and perspectives are represented. Cultural and Economic Ties: Through advocacy and educational initiatives, TCUSAPAC strengthens economic partnerships and cultural exchanges between the U.S. and Türkiye, benefiting both nations. Supporting Friendly Candidates: TCUSAPAC aids in identifying and supporting political candidates who understand and promote a strong U.S.-Türkiye relationship, which is essential for advancing mutual interests.
PACs (Political Action Committees) 
Definition: A PAC is an organization that collects political donations from its members and uses these funds to support or oppose candidates, legislation, or policies.

Benefits of Supporting PACs:

Amplified Voice: PACs consolidate individual contributions, giving supporters a stronger, collective voice in political processes. Informed Decisions: PACs often have resources to thoroughly vet candidates and issues, guiding supporters towards informed political contributions. Policy Influence: By supporting candidates sympathetic to their causes, PACs can influence policy decisions and legislation.